/How long can diabetic nephropathy stage four live?

How long can diabetic nephropathy stage four live?

author:admin       pubdate:2017-08-15 18:59

Because of the quickening pace of life, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, leading to more and more people are suffering from hypertension and other complications, hypertensive nephropathy is one of them, but many people do not understand this kind of disease, that can not be timely treatment, resulting in exacerbations, we ask the following experts as we introduce hypertensive nephropathy.

First, strict control of blood sugar levels, including diet therapy, and the use of hypoglycemic drugs

Two, active treatment of diabetic complications such as reducing patients with increased blood pressure, or reduce the patient three high (high perfusion, high filtration, high pressure), so as to reduce the proteinuria patients and delayed in patients with renal failure occurred.

Three, according to the situation of patients, the most critical is the practical application of repair combined with traditional Chinese medicine in the clinic for patients with renal damage, syndrome differentiation, use of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, the effective circulating blood volume of the kidney gradually increase, improve ischemia and anoxia lesion of the kidney, clearance of immune complexes in kidney accumulation the occurrence of renal fibrosis, to repair the kidney pathological damage.

Four, in the process of clinical treatment, patients with diabetic nephropathy should also do protection work on a daily basis. We should pay attention to prevent colds, infections and other predisposing factors all may aggravate nephropathy patients. In addition, should pay strict attention to dietary habits, low salt, low fat, low sugar, low protein, low and moderate potassium, high fiber "five low and one high" nephropathy patients diet.

The incidence of hypertensive nephropathy usually decrease of urine volume, contains a lot of protein in the urine, blood cells and tube type, which can lead to uremia patients. Once found itself with these symptoms, must be timely medical examination, and under the guidance of the doctor's medication. In addition, the patients to control the disease as soon as possible, we must strictly blood glucose control, active treatment of the complications of diabetes, and actively cooperate with the doctor medication, and do daily maintenance.



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