/Chronic kidney disease stage 4 patients reasonable diet

Chronic kidney disease stage 4 patients reasonable diet

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After suffering from kidney failure, patients suffer the serious harm brought, so timely treatment without delay. So in order to try to cure it with what you can do. In addition to actively cooperate with outside experts, is their attention to detail all kinds of life. Here we speak about the dietary measures of chronic renal failure in four period. I hope to help patients.

Low protein diet: when the body is in acute and chronic nephritis, acute or chronic renal failure cases, protein metabolism products can increase the burden of kidney, aggravate the symptoms, the need to reduce the intake of protein, so that it can only maintain the physiological functions of the degree. As needed to maintain the basic physiological function of the protein is about quality 0.4 - 0.6 g / (kg. Day), only 50% - 60% under normal circumstances, to achieve such a dietary standard, need to be very careful to choose things, especially those of protein rich food.The weight of standard weight, height (CM) - 105, rather than the actual weight;

An egg contains 8 grams of protein,

A bag of milk (250 ml) containing 8 grams of protein,

50 grams of meat containing 8-10 grams of protein

Common food (100 grams each): lean protein content of 21.3, 12.9 egg, 11.7 carp, tofu 11.1, milk 3

What limit sodium in the food should generally choose varieties, hectogram 100 mg sodium content in less than meat, such as beef, chicken, cabbage, lettuce, wax gourd, towel gourd, tomatoes, fruits, food that hectogram containing more than 200 milligrams of sodium, such as beef jerky, soda bread, cake, plum. Tofu, mushrooms, seaweed, sesame, Sichuan preserved vegetables, pickled cabbage, small shrimp, stewed and pickled food, easy to make the total sodium intake exceeds the standard.

Common high potassium food: mushroom, dried longan, lily, seaweed, dried vegetables, edible fungus, letinous edodes, dry red dates

High potassium fruits of watermelon, banana, pineapple, jujube, muskmelon, vegetable amaranth, spinach, celery, carrots, bamboo shoots, potato, beans, taro, seaweed, mushrooms and Toona etc.,

All kinds of food in K are more concentrated in the valley of skin, peel and chicken, such as lower fine processing grain than coarse grain of potassium, the potassium content of fruit peel than the skin of the low potassium content than low fat meat.

Because the potassium soluble in water, so the soup juice contains considerable amounts of potassium broth, remove the soup of canned fruits and cooked fruit than the potassium content of fresh fruit is low.

The rate of milk and milk products containing high calcium absorption, common higher calcium food:

Fennel, green amaranth, cabbage, kale and rape moss, dark green vegetables, small radish; lemon;

Sesame, peanut, pine nut;

Sea cucumber, fish, seaweed, kelp and bone, shell with edible fish shrimp;

Fungus, mushrooms, egg yolk, beans;

The animal bone meal fully grated as a source of calcium, the calcium content is 20%.

Phosphorus is widely distributed in foods of meat, eggs, milk, animal liver and kidney have a high content. Kelp, seaweed, peanuts, dried beans, nuts, whole grains of phosphorus is also very rich.

Vegetables, melons, fruits, almonds, blood, protein, sea cucumber, oil and other food low phosphorus content.
These are the recommended authority of Nephrology expert in chronic renal failure four diet nursing considerations,chronic kidney disease stage 4 diet can play a good role in patients with renal failure. I hope to be able to recover as soon as possible, be strict with ourselves in life, must not be greedy because of lost things.



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