/Nursing care in chronic kidney disease

Nursing care in chronic kidney disease

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The face of the occurrence of kidney disease, many friends because they do not understand the treatment of this disease, leading to the deterioration of kidney disease, kidney specialist experts pointed out that the disease should be taken in a timely manner so that it will not lead to more serious cases, Health care work, the following we know several aspects of kidney disease care knowledge.

(1) home care: chronic renal failure syndrome differentiation is a positive turbidity resistance, is virtual is outside the function weakened, turbidity is blood and blood, bleeding disorders, susceptible to exogenous invasion, and exacerbations, So the ward to be ventilated, cold and warm to be appropriate, to have full sunshine, and do daily with vinegar fumigation.

(2) mental care: chronic renal failure patients, severe illness, long course, resulting in patients often pessimistic disappointment, then should be more contact with patients, encourage patients to establish the confidence to overcome the disease, eliminate concerns, to maintain a good mental state. Only in this way can the organs and blood function be restored. Another part of the patients with chronic renal failure is a young patient, should persuade them to carelessness, to avoid sexual intercourse to avoid more injury kidney qi, so that exacerbations.

(3) diet care: patients with chronic renal failure should avoid using soy products, preferably with wheat starch and corn starch to do staple food, recipes to prime-based. According to the degree of renal damage to regulate the intake of protein, the daily intake of not more than 50g. For patients with edema, should be based on "salty kidney", "light dampness" principle, the diet should be light not salty. For patients with mixed infection, should avoid spicy fish and shrimp, the old hen and other hot hair.

(4) oral care: patients with chronic renal failure, due to spleen yang, dampness endogenous, stomach gas on the inverse, cloudy evil on the pan, and the mouth of urine and thick tongue coating, affect appetite. Dirty cloud of gas, inhibit the spirit, so the oral care is extremely important, should be rinse before meals and after meals, wake up before going to bed should brush your teeth. Urine smell can be used when the double flowers and seven leaves a flower bubble water rinse, oral erosion, the application of ice boron coating the affected area.

(5) medication: chronic renal failure patients often vomiting, serving Chinese medicine decoction should be concentrated and a small number of sub-service, if the drug that is spit, you can use ginger juice tongue, or sugar ginger. Vomiting can pat the patient back, spit with warm water after the mouthwash, keep clean, timely replacement of contaminated clothing and clothing.

On the nephrotic care knowledge, I hope the above five aspects of the explanation, you patients have a certain understanding of these diseases, kidney disease serious threat to our health, for kidney disease, we all have to pay enough attention, try to avoid kidney disease After the occurrence, to patients with more serious harm and disaster.


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