/Chronic kidney disease stage 4 anemia

Chronic kidney disease stage 4 anemia

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The investigation shows: Chinese chronic kidney disease prevalence rate was 10.8% of the adult population, the number of patients was 120 million. However, the threat of more than these, as one of the most common complications in patients with chronic kidney disease, anemia caused by harm is far beyond our imagination.

On the basis of chronic kidney disease, anemia not only causes fatigue, palpitation, physical decline and other symptoms, leading to a serious decline in quality of life, but also through a variety of mechanisms to accelerate the progression of chronic kidney disease"

Another fact is that with the decline of renal function, the incidence of anemia increases gradually, and the degree of anemia increases gradually. Renal anemia is an important cause of excessive mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease

Dialysis is a common treatment for kidney disease. China 1 million ~200 million patients with end-stage renal disease requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant. But a number of people is a bit of a shock, 98.2% dialysis patients with anemia, the complications of anemia.

It is worth noting that chronic kidney disease, even in the early period, the incidence of anemia and hemoglobin levels are very high, with the deterioration of renal function decreased, anemia in patients with non dialysis rate reached 52.1%.

A large number of studies have shown that anemia is one of the risk factors of chronic kidney disease. In addition to anemia will accelerate the progression of renal disease, also increase the risk of cardiovascular events. With the development of technology of blood purification, many ESRD patients were not died of kidney failure itself, but died of cardiovascular complications.

The other risk is not to be underestimated. Anemia also increases dialysis risk in patients with chronic kidney disease. Anemia is significantly associated with mortality and hospitalization rates in dialysis patients"

Focus on prevention of end-stage nephropathy or prevention of chronic kidney disease. "In the face of rapid growth challenges, should pay more attention for the treatment of anemia, to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease in patients with chronic kidney disease, reduce the risk in dialysis"

A function of the kidney is the secretion of erythropoietin and renal anemia is caused by various factors of renal erythropoietin have anemia or lack of uremic plasma some toxic substances interfere the formation and metabolism of red blood cells caused by insufficient production of erythropoietin, leads to the generation of red blood cells is too small, lead to the occurrence of anemia. Is the chronic renal insufficiency to the common complications of end-stage. The degree of anemia often with reduced kidney function is related to the degree of renal anemia. For chronic kidney disease with symptoms of chronic kidney disease patients, once with renal anemia, often with external manifestations of conjunctiva pale, pale complexion, lip a pale dull and other symptoms.

If you exclude the blood loss and other factors, Hb < 10-11g/dL or Hct is less than 30%-33%, you can use the recombinant human erythropoietin, the main reason for the effect of recombinant human erythropoietin is functional iron deficiency, therefore should also pay attention to iron supplement in the application of this medicine, oral iron to ferrous succinate, ferrous sulfate.

The treatment of renal anemia must be under the guidance of a doctor, for the cause for severe renal anemia, to choose erythropoietin injection, with iron, folic acid treatment. For light, moderate renal anemia, can use traditional Chinese medicine in treatment.

Opinions and suggestions: the application of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of renal anemia, avoid a prescription or a recipe used to use. The kidney is a waste in the body organs. When diagnosed with renal anemia, impaired renal function has a premise that, renal excretion of waste has been greatly reduced, the indiscriminate use of gelatin like drug blood, not only can not improve the anemia, will cause more accumulation of toxins in the body more, make the condition worse.


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