/Stage 4 kidney disease and fatigue

Stage 4 kidney disease and fatigue

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What is the disease most afraid of, many people will say uremia, but uremia nor overnight, beware of excessive fatigue may aggravate disease nephropathy because of excessive fatigue! Is the cause of kidney disease, if do not understand the reason for this kidney disease, then uremia seems very far, is actually very close. Once again, beware of excessive fatigue easy to aggravate disease nephropathy!

Excessive fatigue can aggravate kidney disease

Do not think that the reason is not fatigue kidney disease, do not you see in all kidney disease treatment, in addition to drug treatment, the doctor also stressed that patients pay attention to rest, not overworked, as kidney disease is not the impression? Why are you doing this?

To do so is to edema, blood pressure decreased, but more important is because almost all kidney diseases are because of overwork may cause kidney illness, is one of the causes of clinical kidney disease.

Some patients in the course may be hidden or have been suffering from kidney disease did not pay attention to, or lack of knowledge in various forms (such as travel, move, decorate the house, cleaning and so on) easily lead to disease progression from overwork, and uremia is getting closer.

Excessive fatigue may aggravate disease nephropathy this point without doubt, because both with self-healing properties of acute glomerulonephritis, or even chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, overwork will make the disease difficult to restore, recover, such as acute glomerulonephritis, although with self-healing properties, but when overworked, easy delayed healing, and then lead to chronic nephritis and chronic nephritis; the overworked easily cause acute exacerbation, thus accelerating the progression of the disease; nephrotic syndrome is due to overwork to renal failure is a great step forward.

The disease is also a small step of death is a great step forward, overwork is cause kidney disease, this point can not be ignored. Nowadays, many people focus on the female master of death from overwork, but in patients with nephropathy, also need to know that overwork easily lead to exacerbations, otherwise uremia is getting closer, the consequences it is very terrible.


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