/Stage 4 kidney disease back pain

Stage 4 kidney disease back pain

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As we all know, chronic nephritis patients great harm to the body, often lead to physical discomfort, and even cause low back pain, affecting the normal life of patients. Then, chronic nephritis really cause back pain?

Chronic nephritis can cause back pain? This is according to their own situation to decide, there have the phenomenon of back pain and not all patients. Chronic nephritis and back pain are generally mild, often consciously waist discomfort and dull dull pain, soreness and pain, the pain may be unilateral or bilateral pain in the kidney; in surface area, vertebrocostal angle (the angle between the twelfth rib and spine) and waist angle (the angle between the twelfth rib rib and lumbar muscle between) there exist pain points.

Chronic nephritis patients often have low back pain symptoms, usually a waist ache, pain, this situation is generally lighter. Pain is generally pided into unilateral or bilateral renal area. Located in the renal parenchyma is no sensory nerve, so the main symptoms of back pain and not chronic nephritis patients. But the renal capsule, and ureteral places have the nerve distribution, so pain and kidney area by membrane stretch, increase the tension increased and ureteral spasm or tension, the patient is quite painful.

Back pain is not nephritis prominent symptoms, but if patients with low back pain in at the same time, hematuria, proteinuria, edema, oliguria, hypertension, nephritis, or fatigue, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other systemic discomfort, should consider whether suffering from nephritis, then you should attach great importance to the timely the hospital.

In general, although the main symptoms of low back pain is not that chronic nephritis, but it may also be early signs of nephropathy, need to be paid attention by the people. The prevention and treatment of chronic nephropathy is a key link in patients with nephropathy, should have a good grasp.

To remind patients of chronic nephritis, when back pain symptoms, should pay attention to adjust, to relax the body, in order to avoid excessive fatigue. The movement should pay attention to the joint coordination, promote walking, Tai Chi, exercises, swimming and other sports. At the same time should be gradual, It differs from man to man., gradually increase the amount of exercise.

Read the above introduction, I believe we all know whether chronic nephritis will cause a back pain. Also hope that everyone appears unwell, in time to the hospital for medical treatment, to avoid delaying the disease.


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