/How does chronic nephritis cause skin itching?

How does chronic nephritis cause skin itching?

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Chronic nephritis symptoms are many, and skin itching is chronic nephritis development to the later stage will appear. How does that chronic nephritis cause skin itching?

Chronic nephritis patients, especially in the late stage of uremia, due to urinary toxins in the blood can not be excreted metabolites caused by systemic persistent itching, often disquieting.

In uremic patients except water, electrolyte disorder, there will be a series of systemic symptoms, skin itching is one of them, the age of urea in uremia patients sweat deposited in the skin, or secondary hyperparathyroidism calcium deposition and skin, mainly for local or systemic itching, dryness, desquamation, often accompanied by or without rash.

The etiology of uremic pruritus is complex, and the main metabolites of retention of dry skin, stimulate the skin, the peripheral neuropathy and secondary hyperparathyroidism. Uremic toxins can make patients with skin sweat glands, sebaceous gland atrophy, so that the toxins deposited in the skin, stimulate the skin produces itching; if the condition is serious, the higher concentration of toxin in the blood, will will be discharged from the skin, stimulate the skin to form urea cream. Cause of refractory skin itching, often can not improve dialysis.

Skin itching can Calamine Lotion or antipruritic alcohol outside the rub, it is reported that UV irradiation was effective. The efficacy of anti allergic drugs are not exact, but some patients can relieve the dialysis treatment, intravenous lidocaine can also relieve itching. In addition, oral activated charcoal, can remove a variety of toxic substances, after a few weeks can reduce symptoms, the dosage of 6g/d.

The treatment of chronic nephritis is a long process, and it will encounter many difficulties. I hope that patients can hope, persevere, and work hard for recovery


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