/Chronic kidney disease stage 4 edema

Chronic kidney disease stage 4 edema

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The kidney is an important part of the human body, if the kidney problems, got kidney disease, it will bring great influence to the patients, one of which is that patients with nephropathy edema, why edema, this is a question that is concerned with, then let the experts to explain, the hope can give you some help.

The kidney is the body's exclusive water, the main organ of sodium, when the kidneys appear abnormal, water, sodium retention in the body, forming edema

Clinically, according to the different pathogenesis, edema is pided into two kinds: edema and edema

1, renal edema: usually occurs in primary glomerulonephritis and other causes of nephrotic syndrome

The pathogenesis of edema is mainly caused by the decrease of plasma colloid osmotic pressure: nephropathy proteinuria caused by hypoproteinemia caused by plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreased, the capillary fluid filtration increased from interstitial fluid recovery was significantly reduced, and ultimately the formation of edema. Effective blood volume reduction: plasma extravasation reduced the effective blood volume, reduce the secretion of natriuretic hormone, renal tubular reabsorption of sodium increased further with heavy water, sodium retention, causing edema.

2, nephritis edema: mainly in acute nephritis, or part of rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, chronic nephritis and other glomerular diseases.

The pathogenesis of edema due to acute nephritis, when, because some patients increased blood volume, congestive heart failure, hypertension and other reasons aggravate the water and sodium retention; increased capillary hydrostatic pressure, the capillary excess fluid moves to tissue space due to edema.

For the patients with nephrotic edema, friends should pay attention to, in case of edema, should reduce the intake of sodium, potassium and other substances, otherwise it will cause very serious consequences, so the friends of patients should deal with edema.


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