/How does chronic nephritis patient improve sleep quality?

How does chronic nephritis patient improve sleep quality?

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The main function is to make the body into a deep sleep recovery, relieve muscle fatigue and make the damaged cells recover. If the sleep quality is not high or long time sleep, can make the body healthy quality is more and more low, if not sleep for a long time will lead to death, therefore, have a good sleep is important for health. So in daily life should be how to regulate the body, to ensure adequate sleep?

Appropriate exercise: life is movement, a person who is energy, shorten the activities in bed, sleep is not good. The symptoms of chronic nephritis patients in acute stage after remission, eliminate, must start from the bed, slowly increase the amount of activity, can walk, Tai Chi, the only activity increased and sleep quality can be improved.

To relax the mind: patients should understand that the "birth" of each inpidual is it inevitable, since the disease, it is necessary to have the courage to face the disease and disease, to establish the company faith, optimistic, only this kind of psychological state to eliminate irritability, depression, improve their quality of life, it is necessary to eliminate insomnia.

Can be taken appropriately to promote sleep diet and test side:

A, Suanzaoren porridge: jujube 50 grams, mashed, fried thick juice; with 100 grams of rice porridge, boiled into porridge cooked with Suanzaoren Decoction, while eating into clothes, 1 times every night.

B, lotus tea, lotus 2 grams, 3 grams of licorice, boiling water instead of tea, several times a day.

Bedtime can be done properly to promote sleep massage and preparation: such as massage the head, acupuncture points, Baihui, Kok, sun, and other points, combing hair and neck, hot water, hot bath, feet, etc., to promote sleep


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