/Does a person with chronic kidney disease hiccup?

Does a person with chronic kidney disease hiccup?

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Nowadays most people pay attention to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and to renal disease prevention and maintenance of consciousness are few. May we all know the kidney is the urinary system important, is an important organ of the human body essential. While chronic nephritis is a common autoimmune disease, its symptoms are found to be the long-term development can be reflected, so people will often be overlooked. Now let us know about the characteristics and harm of chronic gastritis, can discover the therapeutic or preventive measures.

If there is renal problems early warning signal protein and red blood cells in the urine. We should pay attention to when there are such symptoms, should promptly consult a doctor for treatment according to the drug prescribed by the illness will be solved in the early stage. Not to notice or not seriously but disease defer heavier.

The chronic glomerulonephritis is no special symptoms reflect, once patients feel fatigue, dizziness, anemia and other symptoms when the disease may have been very late. Suffering from chronic nephritis patients should maintain a good mood, bad mood will lead Er is inverse, burp, hiccup and the more the patients fret, it will increase the muscle spasm of the diaphragm.

The cold food in the diet, the raw fruit and cold dish, fried food should eat less difficult to digest food. The amount should be no sense of fullness as well, the food can be increased, it is best to eat meals. Can often eat a warm stomach, stop ventilation effect of food, such as beans, ginger, 3rd. Loquat, maltose. Keep daily stool.

Suffering from chronic nephritis patients should not only pay attention to diet, do not eat excitant food; forbidden to eat cold food, if not anxious belch gas impatient, do not drink cold drinks, do not burp during intense exercise.


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