/Chronic kidney disease and vision?

Chronic kidney disease and vision?

author:admin       pubdate:2017-08-11 17:36

Chronic kidney disease and vision? According to the clinical survey of chronic kidney disease, vision loss phenomenon. Experts pointed out that many of the patients when decreased visual acuity, retinal degeneration, often on the hospital for treatment, but this is the precursor of chronic ESRD, ultimately to patients brought serious damage.

For chronic end-stage renal disease patients, the body will accumulate a lot of toxins, these toxins in various organs of the body will cause varying degrees of damage. Some patients can affect the retina, lead to decreased vision seriously, so that patients with decreased visual acuity is blind. So the early symptoms of stage chronic renal disease, so patients should attach to the guard.

For patients, while decreased visual acuity, should strengthen the treatment of diseases, and should minimize dialysis treatment, to reduce the damage to the body.

So for patients with chronic kidney disease, chronic kidney disease should pay attention to the end when the vision loss on the body, should be related to the hospital diagnosis, to achieve the purpose of early found early treatment.


The expert reminds, kidney disease can cause visual impairment. The formation of visual impairment is kidney disease caused by increased blood pressure, affect the retina, so that the fundus changes. Therefore, patients with chronic kidney disease, must be vigilant, once found, immediately to the regular hospital.



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