/Chronic renal disease hematuria

Chronic renal disease hematuria

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Let's take a look at the following picture. Have you ever had this condition in your treatment? Urine is dark brown or watery?

If this is the case, I believe many people will feel. While some people confound may have a wrong thought it was "lit", drink herbal tea can be Qingrejiedu, and a few days later did the urine color really back to normal, that all is well, but in fact it is not so. So, today let's talk about hematuria. What is hematuria? What should we do hematuria? How to prevent? Here, aiming at these problems, love the kidney will answer. Hematuria, Gu Mingsi Yi, can be directly found abnormal urine color eye, dark brown, wash the meat is fresh water or red, and the number of red blood cells contained in urine. In many diseases, can appear hematuria, such as chronic nephritis, urinary tract cancers such as bladder cancer, tuberculosis, such as kidney stones, too In some cases appear in strenuous exercise. But the following will focus on gross hematuria occurs in chronic nephritis. The most common pathological type of gross hematuria in IgA nephropathy. Many belong to in the upper respiratory tract infection such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, or digestive tract infection after the attack, the naked eye hematuria will continue for several hours to several days. After the turn of microscopic hematuria. When patients with chronic nephritis hematuria, should be actively looking for attention, the regular hospital treatment, to avoid critically ill patients, the blind use of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. General treatment include: active treatment of primary infection, use of antibiotics to control infection when necessary, avoid the use of nephrotoxic antibiotics. Commonly used in hospitals the penicillin, cephalosporins, such as azithromycin. If patients with recurrent tonsillar infection can be considered in a stable condition after tonsillectomy; because of gross hematuria at the onset of urinary red blood cells The cell number, likely to cause renal tubular blockage, so Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets generally use alkaline urine; in addition to the above treatment, the patients themselves should rest in bed as much as possible, not excessive tension, maintain a good attitude to face. Because of gross hematuria often appear in infection, thus preventing hematuria is most important to prevent infection, ferial can appropriate exercise to enhance their resistance to disease. The three pision, seven points, keep a regular schedule, healthy lifestyle, positive attitude to patients with chronic illness may than the drug is more effective to delay the disease.


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