/Chronic kidney disease causes hypertension and leads to sudd

Chronic kidney disease causes hypertension and leads to sudd

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Has the health of female college students, suddenly blind; healthy cook, inexplicable feeling chest tightness, fatigue.

Yesterday, the doctor in charge said: "they have a common symptom, that is, young patients with hypertension, and have not received due attention and timely treatment.""

Senior girls suddenly lose sight

Yesterday afternoon, the frail Lu Guili returned to the ward with her blood, and two attentive nurses helped her patiently organize the sheets

Opening the sheets that had been laid over her, she noticed that her left foot was still a bit swollen, but the mother at the side of the bed had felt satisfied, for when she first arrived at the hospital 5 days ago, she was in a very bad situation, perhaps when she would leave

"We are the people of Lanzhou, my daughter is studying English at Lanzhou City College, a senior, waiting to go after graduation when the primary school English teacher." Gui Li mother said, on the third day in the summer vacation this year, her daughter said suddenly invisible to the eye, anxious parents rushed her to the local county hospital doctor. The feeling is more serious, so rushed to provincial hospital for treatment.

Oddly enough, it took only 3 days for her eyes to recover

However, the provincial hospital doctors have always believed that Li Gui sudden blindness, is not a simple eye problems, may be caused by other reasons, suggested they do a systemic examination. Examination results found that Li Gui blood pressure has soared to 220, creatinine reached 390, is already the renal insufficiency in fifth.

"The doctor told us that there are no good treatments now, only drugs," said mother Li sadly

On the twelfth day of drug control, Li Li's eyes were blind again, and her stomach and legs began to swell

More than 7 September 14th in the evening, the family took the GUI Li from Lanzhou to sit 28 hours by train, arrived at the Hangzhou Red Cross hospital emergency, Guangxi Li has respiratory failure, kidney failure, and heart failure, life went to the horse doctor consultation on the verge of death or destruction. Immediately on hemodialysis, hemodialysis lasted 6 hours from Gui Li body prolapse 10 pounds of water after she was quiet and have a good rest.

At present, Li Gui physical condition is getting better, but the eyes of the problem should have been unable to solve. She now even half a meter distance are not clear several fingers, the future can only rely on dialysis to sustain life until the right kidneys were renal transplantation.

Hypertension may be behind the kidney problems

Lu Guili's talking about uremia, Dr. Ma always feel a great pity. Because in her college entrance examination, has found the abnormal blood pressure, but the doctor heard her head not dizzy, no care. And when she got home with father, careless dad said her grandfather is hypertension, she should be genetic, so it has no attention.

In fact, the incidence of chronic kidney disease in China is around 10%, with the highest population being twenty or thirty year old, and 80% of the population will not show obvious symptoms

In the doctor's room, now also lived a 35 year old male cook. Cook usually healthy, 9 days ago suddenly feel chest tightness, fatigue, always adhere to the unbearable, 5 days ago to the community hospital, the blood pressure rose to 190/120, a protein in the urine in the urine, the doctor advised him to superiors the hospital for treatment. The cook did not seriously, and lasted three days, 2 days before the Red Cross Hospital, the creatinine rises to more than 1000, has developed into a typical uremia.

The doctor suggested that for young people with abnormal blood pressure increased, the best to do a urine test to exclude chronic kidney disease, so as not to delay treatment, exacerbations caused irreparable consequences. At the same time, do a urine test for a year, and find effective methods for kidney disease.

In addition, the doctor said, snake, common life fish bile, painkillers, cold medicines and antibiotics if taking a standard, can cause acute renal failure, although after the rescue is not so serious as uremia, but also to remind everyone to pay attention, do not mess with drugs.



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