/Do not drag chronic nephritis into uremia, the 3 major sympt

Do not drag chronic nephritis into uremia, the 3 major sympt

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A patient with chronic kidney disease if the disease persists, and gradually increased, then he is likely to mean uremia. Uremic renal function has been seriously damaged, and there is no way to recover. But it is not a cure. Early detection and early treatment is the key.

Today about uremia early some symptoms, to help you strengthen the understanding of uremia:

Pale yellow, tired all over

You are not immediately think of a hungry for many days, but this is not the emaciation with sallow complexion? Hungry. Is mainly caused by anemia in uremic patients with nephropathy. During the period of accumulation of a large number of toxins, interfere with the formation and metabolism of red blood cells, plus a variety of hemorrhagicdisease, lead to the occurrence of anemia.

This symptom is less obvious at the beginning, so many patients are less likely to notice!!

Abnormal urine output

There are two main conditions: oliguria and polyuria (including increased nocturia)

The amount of urine of normal people every day in the 1000-2000ml, some patients with disease progression, decreased glomerular filtration rate, urine volume will gradually decrease. But if the renal tubular reabsorption of urine function abnormal, polyuria occurs. The nocturia is also common symptoms in patients with uremia.

Focus on science: 24 hours urine volume less than 400ml for oliguria, 24 hours per day more than 2500ml micturition called polyuria, nocturia continued more than 750ml, for nocturia increased

Elevated blood pressure

The symptoms in early kidney damage will occur when patients developed into uremia, elevated blood pressure is more obvious. This is because the kidney function is damaged, the body can not be excess sodium and water excretion, cause sodium retention and increased blood volume, resulting in high blood pressure.

We are not finished on uremic symptoms some understand? If you have these symptoms, should go to hospital for examination. Has been developed to patients with renal failure to inform their doctor, timely treatment.

In fact, uremia is not as terrible as we imagine, we should use a positive attitude to face, and will reap good results!



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