/Don't let chronic nephritis become uremia pay attention to t

Don't let chronic nephritis become uremia pay attention to t

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As soon as I hear about uremia, many kidney friends will definitely think, "what's the matter with me? I'm just nephritis.""

But you know, urinary tract infections, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, toxic side effects of drugs, age, and other factors can lead to uremia

Among them, kidney disease is the main cause of uremia, while chronic nephritis is the first cause, accounting for 55.7%!

Chronic nephritis have occult, although the "invisible killer" in a step by step the erosion of the patient's kidney, but the kidney has a strong compensatory function, even if the patient has serious illness, may not have any symptoms, on the surface and ordinary people.

The general clinical manifestations of chronic nephritis are edema, hypertension, hematuria, proteinuria

Edema is usually swelling of the eyelids, which is most common after waking up early in the morning

But a little common sense knows that normal people in case of insufficient sleep, after getting up in the morning will also appear eyelid edema, up after the event subsided. It is easy to make patients and their families to reduce vigilance. On the other hand there are a lot of young adults were hypertension, chronic nephritis patients, cardiac and vascular conditions well, the compensatory ability is very strong, no dizziness, palpitation, feeling, so do not tend to measure blood pressure, high blood pressure do not know.

There are two common symptoms are hematuria, proteinuria, hematuria of chronic nephritis are hematuria, is needed to test to know. Proteinuria is generally very turbid urine, there will be a big bubble, but a long time will not disappear.

Chronic nephritis develops slowly and can occur at any age, from the onset of it to the development of uremia. If not, it may take only a few years to ten years

Uremia is a primary or secondary renal disease caused by chronic renal failure. In brief, the kidney almost completely loses its original function

Therefore, the early detection and treatment of chronic nephritis, for the prevention of uremia is very important. Must be regular physical examination, do not take their health jokes, early treatment of chronic kidney disease, far from uremia problems



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