Kidney damage in your life

Hungry eat, sleepy to sleep, and the medicine to the sick, may be the vast majority of people would think this phenomenon is normal, but, the disease's hands are extended to us.

The kidney is difficult to regulate

It is understood that many people's kidney problems are unshaped. Due to irregular diet, overeating, work, and the difficulty of adjusting the kidneys in time, it is easy to get sick.

Eating too salty can lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a systemic disease that often accompanies kidney disease. In recent years, the incidence of kidney damage has been rising in high blood pressure. Therefore, we should stick to a low salt diet in our daily life.

Too sweet and too oily not only aggravates the burden of the kidneys, but also causes obesity. Obesity increases the amount of fat in the kidneys, increases in weight, increases in volume, and increases glomerular hypertrophy. Obese patients also tend to develop insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes. About 40 percent of diabetics suffer from diabetic nephropathy, one of the most difficult to treat.

Too much protein can cause blood uric acid levels to rise in the body, causing hyperuric acid. Elevated blood uric acid concentration of the kidney toxicity is very large, it is easy to cause renal tubule and renal interstitial lesions occur, finally develop into chronic renal failure or uremia.

Overworked kidney disease changes

At present, there are data showing that about 70 percent of all nephritis cases are related to chronic overwork. People in the condition of fatigue, and work, mental tension, easy to cause the loss of resistance, lead to bacteria, virus infection, cause kidney damage, appear the waist sour backache, leg, eyelid edema, proteinuria, appear even the phenomenon such as high blood pressure, dizziness. The most worrying is that the performance is not easy to cause the attention of people, a lot of people disagree, they think it is good to have a rest, often to severe edema, blood in urine, high blood pressure when heading to the hospital.

The expert reminds, when a lot of acute or chronic nephritis patients it is hard to say that their illness from when to begin, most people say the recent period of time is very tired. So for personnel work tension, fatigue is seen, pay attention to the early prevention, reasonable arrangement of life is very important, especially to pay attention to keep warm, avoid catch a cold, pay attention to the mix. Once appear the waist sour backache, urine bubble increased and not easy to fade, hematuria, nocturia increased and reduced the volume of urine, urinary albumin excretion increased, eyelids or lower limb edema, dizziness might indicate kidney dysfunction, should be timely to normal hospital.

Take the drug hormones

According to incomplete statistics, cases of kidney damage caused by drug abuse have been common in recent years. Almost every month, hospitals suffer from patients who take their medicine and cause nephritis.

Many of the "junk" in the body is excreted through the kidneys, including the metabolites of drugs in the body. Some drugs has obvious side effects to the kidneys, including antibiotics gentamicin and kanamycin, nonsteroidal antipyretic analgesics, and some compound medicine.

Therefore, no patients who are diagnosed with febrile infectious colds should not take antibiotics on their own. You should not take any medicine after you have a cold, but you should follow your doctor's instructions. People with kidney problems, especially those with chronic kidney disease, are more likely to be cautious.

In addition to these drugs, the long-term use of certain antitumor chemotherapy drugs, medium to form weight-loss drugs, and women's use of contraceptive drugs will also cause kidney damage to varying degrees.

Ignore the transfer of cold

Study found that the incidence of acute glomerulonephritis, mostly associated with hemolytic streptococcus infection, and the onset of the nephritis have certain incubation period, patients usually occurs after cold symptoms lessen or resolve the symptoms of nephritis. The main expression is: blood urine, the urine is cloudy red and brown; Edema, and largely came first in the face, especially outside the eyelid, serious when still can appear in the lower limbs, in addition to possible headache, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, loss of appetite and body symptoms. Therefore, the treatment of acute nephritis should not be ignored if the symptoms occur after the cold.

Chronic urination causes nephritis

Daily work, one will have a busy, busy forgot to drink water, go to the toilet often "delayed", and, over time, formed the habit of a full bladder. Long-term full bladder is not only easy to cause the bladder injury, urine retention in the bladder for a long time is easy to cause bacteria breeding, once the return flow back into the ureter and kidney, toxic substance which can cause kidney infections, causing urinary tract infections, nephritis and uremia.

So even if you're busy, don't forget to drink water and be on time. Once you get into the habit of holding your urine, you will have an unconscious effect on your kidneys. In the early days of the kidney disease, there were no specific symptoms, and many patients regretted the onset of an acute attack or disease.

So in daily life in addition to the regular urine routine and renal function test, especially can't ignore the waist sour, edema, color change, night urination urine cured symptoms such as increased, anemia, or high blood pressure. If you detect any signs of kidney disease, be sure to visit them in time.