Zhang Daning National Medicine Master Studio settled in neph

On August 13, 2017, Chinese medicine nephropathy Dean, Chinese medicine master Zhang Daning will be the studio located in the kidney disease hospital, and held the opening ceremony in the lecture hall.

At the same time, Professor Zhang Daning in hospital was officially inaugurated. Kidney hospital apprentices, coach Shoutu ceremony begins. Mentoring shared the quintessence of Chinese heritage, the continuation of the historical mission.

kidney disease hospital backbone doctor Shi Wei, Chinese follow the traditional etiquette, to the old Mr. Zhang Daning fengcha apprentice. And said it would continue to work hard, inheritance of TCM academic Professor Zhang, let the Chinese in their own hands to spread all over the world.

Professor Zhang Daning said, his practice to fifty years, dignitaries to civilians, all over the country have their patients. As a traditional Chinese heritage, how can the Chinese medicine to the world has always been his dream. The studio is located in kidney hospital, and here is an apprentice, because the international treatment of patients this was done very well. Professor Zhang Daning is very sure of our international patients, said kidney disease hospital has formed a set of complete international treatment system, and the traditional Chinese medicine to the world, this is the one and only in the country.

Then Professor Zhang and share their knowledge and experience to get a doctor for many years, aroused the present TCM expert ideas. Professor Zhang as a pure Chinese medicine, as early as 60s and 70s in the use of Chinese medicine nephropathy patients were treated with medicine for his own fifty years of experience tells us: the curative effect of Chinese medicine on nephropathy obviously, Chinese medicine not only in preventive medicine, rehabilitation medicine can play a leading role in the core and in the process of clinical treatment, especially the treatment of kidney disease, at least occupy half of the country, has played a key role.


Finally, Professor Zhang Daning and the leaders of the hospital for a photo studio opening ceremony ended with more experienced coach.