Dietary guidelines for nephritis patients in the fall!

This is specifically for the formulation of the principle of this autumn, the Gregorian calendar from 9 to November, the most common location in autumn, autumn is the autumn dry, so we fall to do common health care work, which need to pay attention to this autumn tips? Following on from the small series to introduce it!

Recommended in patients with kidney disease mainly vegetarian meat, meat diet supplement, pay attention to the reasonable collocation of the nutrients and minerals to reasonable intake, helps to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. In addition to diet collocation, should also pay attention to the following aspects:

First, strictly control the quality of potassium intake. The most common problem is the emergence of uremic patients with hyperkalemia, due to renal excretion of potassium deficiency caused by potassium excretion barriers, greatly affected the condition, so this part of patients need a low potassium diet, strictly control the quality of potassium intake. The specific methods are as follows:

1, fried green vegetables, the vegetables in the water soaked vegetables no more than half an hour, then the water will be boiled vegetables again after frying, with potassium extra vegetables.

2, for potassium rich potato or sweet potato and other root vegetables, should be peeled, sliced thin, soaked, and then cook after a quarter of an hour

3, vegetable soup generally contains higher potassium, kidney disease patients can choose white gourd soup to eat, because the melon soup contains less potassium compared to vegetable soup

4, canned fruit and fried vegetables will be in the process of reducing potassium content, reducing the burden of potassium excretion of patients after ingestion, kidney disease patients can eat less and moderate amount of canned fruit

5, shopping malls sold most of the salt and salt free soy generation rich in potassium, kidney patients should not use.

Two, stick to a low sodium diet. More sodium intake will make nephropathy edema aggravated, led directly to patients with elevated blood pressure, but also cause thirst in dialysis patients. The patient's daily diet seasoning should be mainly light, reducing the use of high sodium condiments such as salt, monosodium glutamate or various sauces. Avoid high salt food ingredients, such as plum vegetables, pickles and other auxiliary dishes. Buy canned vegetables, with water soaking, do not choose saline brewed. The low sodium diet is not monotonous, the taste is not single, can use dry tone auxiliary seasonings, such as pepper, pepper, pepper, vinegar, wine, five spices, star anise, vanilla orange peel, mustard, ginger, onion, garlic, coriander, pepper and so on.

Now in the fall of the fall, kidney disease, to prevent drying, pay attention to maintain the body's nutrition, not to water loss, so be sure to refer to Xiao Bian for you on the fall of kidney disease diet!