What are the reasons of kidney stones cause diarrhea?

In our daily life, we are not strange with kidney stones, and it has a great impact on people's health. We all know the symptoms of kidney stones is the most obvious renal colic, except renal colic, there are also some people because of kidney stones cause  diarrhea, then what are the reasons of kidney stones cause diarrhea?

From a pathological point of view, diarrhea and kidney stones have no direct relationship, many patients with diarrhea is not directly caused by kidney stones, a large part of the reasons associated with the patient's usual habits and customs. We all know that kidney stone to the water, some patients do more water, but the water quality is also required, a lot of people directly drink unboiled water, not boiling water, so it is one of the reason of kidney stones cause diarrhea.

There are also some people suffering from intestinal diseases caused by diarrhea, and if there are more frequent diarrhea, it is necessary to consider whether it is possible suffering from enteritis. The best way to go to the hospital to check whether the intestines have problems, if the intestine did not occur lesions, but also to consider the possibility of intestinal dysfunction. Pay attention to light, regular diet. Take three meals a day, and make sure you don't catch cold.

Because everyone's physique is different, the cause of diarrhea will be different. In short, there are many reasons of kidney stones cause diarrhea, such as: improper diet, environmental factors, climate changes and other comprehensive causes are likely to cause diarrhea.

So in order to better treatment, it is best to go to the hospital to check, and the stool also should to test, then according to the check of the symptomatic treatment, for the treatment of kidney stones cause diarrhea, in order to better treatment of renal calculi.