What's the harm of kidney disease to patients?

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body and their effect on the human body is also very significant. However, with the temperature, environment and other factors, people's kidneys are getting unhealthy. In life, more and more people are entangled in kidney disease, patients found that kidney disease, they should actively choose hospital treatment. Talking about this, what is the harm of kidney disease to patients?

In the early stage of nephropathy, the microvessels inside of the kidneys are damaged, the most important proteins in the blood infiltrate into the urine, and the urine will have excessive levels of protein. This is commonly known as proteinuria, also known as microalbuminuria in the early stages, because only a small amount of protein appears in the urine. Under normal conditions, less than 30 micrograms of albumin is contained in the urine a day. If there more than 30 micrograms, the kidneys have been damaged.

With the aggravation of kidney disease, the damage of the microvessels on the kidneys is getting bigger and bigger, the loss of the proteins will be more and more. If the daily loss of protein reaches one thousand milligrams (that is, one gram), ankle swelling occurs as a result of fluid accumulation. As the filtration function of the kidneys gradually declines, metabolic waste gradually starts to accumulate in the blood. By measuring the serum creatinine level, the degree of accumulation of metabolic waste can be measured. With the increase of creatinine content, the content of other metabolic waste is also increasing, you will feel nausea and fatigue.

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