Methods for reducing kidney edema in daily life

Edema is a very common kidney disease, so some experts pointed out that the treatment of nephropathy should be the first treatment of edema, often edema is due to bad eating habits, so we can eliminate the edema through a reasonable diet, the following we together Look at what to eat in daily life can eliminate nephrotic edema. Hope that the treatment of these nephrotic edema is helpful to you.

First of all to eliminate nephrotic edema should eat red beans, which is due to red beans in addition to rich potassium also contains diuretic saponins, so red beans for renal failure caused by edema has a very good effect.

Second, to eliminate the edema of kidney disease should eat more watermelon, this is because the watermelon contains a called citrulline, there is a very good diuretic effect, and citrulline is also one of the ingredients of kidney disease treatment, eat watermelon can Treatment due to heart disease, high blood pressure caused by edema. Practice is to watermelon skin boiled water.

The third is to eat cucumber can also eliminate the edema caused by nephropathy, the practice is to eat cucumber when the cucumber skin together to eat, if you want to better then even the cucumber vines, Guadi cook together to drink water, but the stomach cold People are not easy to eat cucumber.

The fourth is to eat potatoes can also eliminate the edema caused by nephropathy, which is due to potatoes due to nutrient-rich, also known as "long in the soil of the apple", it is rich in inorganic salts, and inorganic salts of potassium Very high, potassium can not only help the body to discharge too much salt and stay in the body of sodium, but also promote the body to discharge excess water.

The above introduction, I hope we all have a preliminary understanding, it is recommended to suffer from kidney disease should be treated early, otherwise it will lead to very serious kidney disease, and kidney disease is a chronic disease, patients must have enough patience. If you have any questions about kidney disease, you can consult our online expert, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.