What are the taboos in life of chronic nephritis patients?

Nephritis is a very common kidney disease, many people think that nephritis is renal failure, resulting in a "self abandonment" mentality, in fact, is not true. Nephritis is not terrible, terrible is not dare to face, patients should actively cooperate with the doctor treatment, to maintain a common mind, pay attention to changes in the details of life. So, what are the taboos in chronic nephritis?

What are the taboos in life of chronic nephritis patients?

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital experts pointed out that patients with chronic nephritis should pay attention to the following points:

prohibit alcohol: fusel oil and nitrite in alcohol can cause kidney limb tissue degeneration and cancer, so kidney patients should not drink, so as not to damage the liver and kidney.

prohibit smoking: tobacco contains a variety of harmful substances, can damage liver and kidney function, and inhibit kidney unit repair, therefore, patients with kidney disease must be determined to quit smoking.

pay attention to rest: kidney is an important organ of human metabolism, kidney disease patients’ kidney dysfunction and malnutrition, also feel fatigue, so need more rest.

maintain a good mood: nephritis patients prone to pessimism, nephritis and uremia, once lost confidence in the treatment, the disease is more difficult to control, so the patient should be optimistic, open-minded, and enhance confidence.

can not be anxious: nephropathy (especially in patients with uremia) treatment long time but not recovery, often make people anxious, the cerebral cortex of high tension, on nephropathy (especially women) rehabilitation is extremely unfavorable.

The above is simple introduction of taboo life in patients with chronic nephritis by the Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital experts, I hope can help you, for chronic nephritis patients to do early detection and early treatment, do not delay the disease. If there are other questions about kidney disease, you can click on our online experts, we will help you solve all the trouble.