natural treatment for interstitial nephritis

There are two main treatment for interstitial nephritis, one is Western medicine treatment, the other is Chinese medicine treatment. The following is the introduction of Western medicine treatment.

natural treatment for interstitial nephritis

Symptomatic treatment

Natural courses of chronic interstitial nephropathy are different, if take early treatment of primary causes, can often delay the progress of the disease, and sometimes renal function can also be improved to some extent, the most prominent example is the lifting of urinary tract obstruction. If you can not remove the cause or disease progression to the late, in the renal insufficiency level, the rate of progression to end-stage disease is slower than that of chronic glomerulonephritis. By appropriately treating low capacity, acidosis, hyperkalemia or high blood pressure, it is often possible to reverse the rapidly deteriorating renal function. End stage renal failure is available for dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Etiology of treatment

Urinary tract infection: for chronic interstitial nephritis caused by bacterial infection, use antibiotics against infection. Medication attention to bacterial sensitivity changes, dosage and treatment, and adjust the amount of drugs according to renal function, try to choose drug has small toxicity on kidney. Analgesic nephropathy: early diagnosis is important, after the diagnosis should stop taking the drug. Reduced the amount of fenoxetine to help prevent the occurrence of this disease. Obstructive nephropathy: Obstruction is removed according to the cause of the obstruction, while controlling infection, preservation of renal function. Toxic nephropathy: Drug-induced toxic kidney disease, should stop the drug. Toxic nephropathy caused by heavy metals should reduce contact with antidote. Other primary disease: its treatment can refer to the treatment of the disease.

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