What is kidney function creatinine?

What is kidney function creatinine? What is the reason for kidney function creatinine? In recent years, more and more patients with nephropathy, it has serious influence to people's health, seriously ill patients even declared dangerous, so we must do a good job in the daily life of preventive measures, so that you can discover the disease, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease. So, What is kidney function creatinine? The following experts from my hospital for you to brief introduction.

1. life fatigue, bad rest, life details do not pay attention to, but also lead to a one-time increase in creatinine.

2. body water loss, such as fever, sweating, drinking water to reduce the amount of polyuria period leads to blood concentration, reduced renal blood flow, there will be high creatinine.

3. patients with kidney disease who use drugs that damage the kidneys may have elevated serum creatinine, or even irreversible.

4. the original kidney disease patients, because of the recurrence of the disease, appear oliguria, or even no urine phenomenon, combined with acute renal dysfunction, lead to high creatinine.

5. people with preexisting renal dysfunction, such as infection, including colds, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, can produce creatinine in the short term.

6. original hypertension, control of blood pressure is not good, medium and long-term proteinuria (24 hours total urine protein greater than 1 grams or 1.5 grams), will lead to slow development, in patients with high serum creatinine in imperceptibly.

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What is kidney function creatinine?