Can hypercreatinine patients eat eggs?

Creatinine is the product of the metabolism of muscles in the body, which is also a major indicator of kidney function. As renal function declines, creatinine values increase. When the creatinine value exceeds the normal range we called it hypercreatinine. Patients with hypercreatinine have strict dietary taboos, so can patients with high creatinine eat eggs?

In general, patients with hypercreatinine are advised to eat a low-protein diet. So can hypercreatinine patients eat eggs? Eggs are a nutritious food. Usually when we are sick or when we feel weak, or when women just produced baby, they eat a lot of eggs. So is the high-creatine patient suitable for eating eggs?

First, we should understand why patients with kidney disease need to maintain a low quality protein diet. Protein is essential for the maintenance of human activities. It can rebuild and repair muscle tissue in our body, prevent infection, etc. But when the protein breaks down in the body, it produces some waste, like any other food, which increases the burden of the kidneys and even worsens the disease. But since protein is an essential substance in the body, people with kidney disease can properly maintain a low-protein diet.

To sum up, we can learn that patients with hypercreatinine can eat eggs, and egg whites are healthier for patients than yolks. Because egg whites are almost pure protein and digestible, so egg whites are the best choice for fat and cholesterol.

In order to avoid malnutrition, patients with hypercreatinine should eat some egg whites. If you don't know how much you should eat, you can contact our online experts, and our experts will give you some Suggestions based on your own physical condition.

In addition, creatinine values can also indicate the extent of kidney damage. You should be treated in time to reduce high creatinine, repair kidney damage, and treat kidney disease. In order to reduce the treatment of hypercreatinine, there are many natural remedies in our hospital. If you want to know about our treatment, you can ask our online experts for free, or leave a message below, and we will give you an answer in time.

Can hypercreatinine patients eat eggs?