What problems should be paid attention to when creatinine rises?

Serum creatinine is one of the most important methods to understand renal function. Serum creatinine is higher than normal value, which means renal impairment. Serum creatinine can accurately reflect the damage of renal parenchyma, but it is not a sensitive indicator. Because the glomerular filtration rate dropped to normal 1/3, serum creatinine increased significantly. In other words, when the injury of the kidney is mild, most people do not feel unobtrusive, so many people when the real nausea, vomiting, dizziness, in fact, the kidneys have been severely damaged, this time serum creatinine also began to rise significantly.

High creatinine is completely preventable and controllable, by always keeping away from the main cause of high creatinine. In general, normal blood creatinine standard 44 ~ 133umoL / L. If creatinine is elevated, there are several reasons to consider:

First of all, the main cause of high creatinine is kidney disease patients, especially patients with renal insufficiency, renal lesions, severe glomerular damage, a serious decline in the role of serum creatinine filtration, can lead to a large number of body serum creatinine can not pass urine Fluid excreted caused by high creatinine, in this case must be timely treatment;

Second, the original high blood pressure, and blood pressure is not controlled well, a large number of proteinuria (24 hour urine protein more than 1g, or even 1.5g) slowly accumulate, unknowingly, there will be increased serum creatinine; In addition, life Excessive fatigue, poor rest, a lot of body sweating, reduced drinking water, urine output will lead to increased blood concentration, blood concentration, may lead to elevated creatinine.

Remind patients, if you find high creatinine, you must take effective control measures, and the most important thing is the diet and details of life. First of all, in the diet need to follow the principle of kidney disease diet:

(1) Salt restriction: In general, patients with compensated renal insufficiency, azotemia patients despite high serum creatinine, and began to show a variety of minor clinical symptoms, but due to moderate pathological damage, visual availability High blood pressure and edema, control of salt intake, were given low salt or salt-free diet. If  renal dysfunction is only renal failure, creatinine is high, but no oliguria and edema of patients can not help but salt and water, maintain a low salt diet. If there is severe edema, hypertension and even heart failure, salt should be strictly prohibited.

(2) intake of vitamins: renal failure patients with high creatinine should use vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C foods.

(3) pay attention to the protein supply: As patients with azotemia, renal insufficiency, in order to control the continued deterioration of renal function, should choose high-quality protein-rich diet.

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What problems should be paid attention to when creatinine rises?