Creatinine 140, protein 3+, serious?

Creatinine 140, protein 3+, serious?Creatinine 140, protein 3+, is it serious? A lot of people don't know which range the creatinine is considered to be serious and which range is not serious

The current situation is renal decompensation, kidney damage in more than 60%, meaning not clear renal biopsy pathological type for you, consider for the hypertension of renal hypertension, treatment recommendations first blood pressure control, then according to TCM syndrome differentiation, combined with western medicine antihypertensive activating blood anticoagulant, reduce kidney damage, protect renal function the treatment should be chosen, with respect to more credible hospital

Creatinine normal value: [reference value]8.4 - 1 3.25mmol/24 hours urine or 40 mg/dl to 130 mg/dl is normal

Creatinine categories are: creatinine is pided into serum creatinine (SCr) and urinary creatinine (UCr)

Serum creatinine: serum creatinine in normal subjects ranged from 53 to 140 moI/L.

Urine creatinine: creatinine that is mainly excreted from the urine when blood is filtered through the glomerulus

Creatinine (creatinine, Cr) is a product of muscle metabolism in the human body, each 20g muscle metabolism can produce 1mg. Creatinine creatinine excreted mainly by glomerular filtration. Blood creatinine from two kinds of exogenous and endogenous, exogenous creatinine is metabolized in the body of the meat products; endogenous creatinine is a product of muscle tissue metabolism in vivo the meat food intake. In the stable. The metabolism of the body muscle and no major changes, will generate a creatinine relatively constant.

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