Why patients with kidney disease have anemia?

About a quarter of the world's people, that is, about 1.7 billion people will have varying degrees of anemia, including iron deficiency anemia up to 1 billion people. In the treatment of kidney disease, anemia is also a doctor and patients are very troublesome thing, and even quite some experienced kidney disease experts often sigh: kidney disease is not difficult to rule, the premise is to control the anemia! So, today to introduce why the kidney disease will be anemia, and how to treat it?

Why is anemia in patients with kidney disease?

Although the overall cause of anemia is mainly iron deficiency, but in kidney disease, the main cause of anemia is not iron deficiency, but kidney damage caused by erythropoietin decline. In addition, the kidney damage, the body of a large number of toxins to reduce erythrocyte life can lead to anemia; also because of inadequate protein intake, and excessive loss of proteinuria, will lead to insufficient hemoglobin synthesis.

So how to treat it?

1. oral. Can be as needed oral orrogen, cobalt chloride, iron. Anemia, often have stomach discomfort and feces black experience. Taking iron supplements can relieve stomach discomfort (while stomach discomfort will reduce the amount of iron absorption). Vitamin D helps the body absorb iron, so taking oral iron supplements and orange juice is beneficial.

2. injection. Sometimes the effect of oral iron slow, because the body can only absorb up to 6 mg of iron from the gastrointestinal tract every day, then according to the different circumstances of intramuscular injection of phenylpropionate Nandrolone, testosterone propionate. In many cases, the patient will lose more than 1000 milligrams of iron, which will take iron for several months, then give erythropoietin, so that the erythropoiesis rate increases to ensure adequate iron.

3. Blood transfusion. It should be noted that, is not what time can lose, only anemia serious, cardiovascular instability in the case should be transfused to emergency. This is just a temporary solution, premature blood transfusion, then lost to continue anemia, will not improve the survival of the state.

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