How do kidney disease patients control high blood pressure?

How do kidney disease patients control high blood pressure?

Hypertension is one of the most common complications in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). More than 30% of CKD patients have hypertension, but only 11% of them can control their blood pressure at an ideal level

Renal hypertension

Refers to hypertension caused by kidney disease, can be pided into renal parenchymal hypertension and renovascular hypertension

The renal hypertension: refers to parenchymal disease caused by a variety of renal hypertension; secondary hypertension is the most common, after the incidence of hypertension.

The renal vascular hypertension is a syndrome due to unilateral or bilateral renal artery or its branch stenosis, leading to renal ischemia hypertension caused by renal artery stenosis. General > 50% meaningful hemodynamics, more than 70% will cause renal vascular hypertension.

How much is the most reasonable blood pressure control?

For patients with chronic kidney disease, blood pressure dropped to what standard? Is not as low as possible? We know that blood pressure drop too low (less than 90/60 mm Hg) is very dangerous. Starting from the perspective of effective delay the progression of renal damage, blood pressure target value is as follows:

1, urine protein >1 g / day in patients with CKD, the target value is 125/75 mmhg;

2, urine protein

The target value is safe for patients without cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and does not increase cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events

Attention should be paid to high protein intake on the basis of low protein diet

The hypertension patients without the need to strictly limit the intake of protein, but hypertensive nephropathy patients need to limit the intake of protein. No dialysis patients generally limited to a daily intake of protein per kilogram of ideal weight below 0.6g, dialysis patients can control at about 1.2g. At the same time, we should not only pay attention to the amount of protein. Also note that the protein quality, try to choose high quality protein as sources of protein, such as fish, poultry, meat, eggs or soy products, ensure the high quality protein accounted for more than 60% daily protein intake. Because common staple contains a large number of non high quality protein, and we have one day to eat a lot of food, so you can choose some patients with hypertensive nephropathy low protein food instead of ordinary food, such as wheat starch, special low protein foods, in order to improve the quality of protein intake, protect residual renal function, delay Progression of renal failure

Reduce weight

Control body mass index (BMI), <25, >

Reduce sodium intake

Light diet, salt

Calcium and potassium supplements

Eat fresh vegetables every day 400-500 grams, drink 500 ml of milk (not excessive intake of all day long total protein basis), can add 1 grams of potassium and 400 mg of calcium. But in uremic patients or patients to reduce the amount of urine, serum potassium, to prevent hyperkalemia.

Reduce fat intake

Foods with high fat content should be eaten less

Moderate exercise

Needless to say, the reasonable movement is a magic weapon to fight against all diseases, as well as to the hypertension. Can choose walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, climbing, hiking, sports, aerobics and other aerobic exercise. Of course, the exercise should be to the inpidual's age and physical basis.

CKD patients do not promote strenuous exercise. They may choose jogging or walking according to their age or physical condition, usually 3-5 times a week, 30-60 minutes each time

Pay attention to smoking cessation and alcohol restriction

Studies have shown that heavy drinking is one of the risk factors for high blood pressure, which is more likely to increase blood pressure after drinking, and that alcohol is more restricted to patients with high blood pressure, and not to drink as much as possible

For tobacco, we had not unfamiliar, it is more toxic to the human body in order to develop good habits even woman and children all know that, as early as possible to quit smoking.