Two cases of hypertensive nephropathy

The kidney has a characteristic: victims in the invisible, is very scary for everyone, often delayed treatment. However, the kidney is not a "tame" injury not direct "confrontation", Two cases of hypertensive nephropathybut to take a "silent revenge".

Case one:

Patients: 80 year old old woman with hypertension for 30 years, the highest blood pressure 200/110mmHg, oral Kato Pury treatment, but blood pressure has never been up to standard

After admission, detailed examination of anemia, blood pressure, 170/90mmHg, a small amount of proteinuria, double kidney atrophy, serum creatinine, 280mol/L, glomerular filtration rate was only 16ml/min, severe osteoporosis

Two cases of hypertensive nephropathy

It is diagnosed as hypertensive kidney disease accompanied by renal anemia, renal osteodystrophy, and renal atrophy has been in the severe stage of chronic renal failure

In the end, hypertension and nephropathy "hand in glove", her disease is hypertension blame. Uncontrolled long-term hypertension caused by myocardial infarction and severe chronic renal failure, chronic renal failure and hypertension aggravated, causing anemia and osteoporosis.

Two cases of hypertensive nephropathy

At the same time, hypertension and edema caused by chronic renal failure also increase the burden on the heart and cause heart failure

Case two:

"Don't give me a patient meal at noon. I want to have an ordinary meal," the uncle told his son quietly to tell the room attendant. The key is that as a person living in the coastal areas, he can't help eating a salty meal

The 71 year old man suffering from hypertension has been 20 years, 4 years ago found that the increase of serum creatinine, renal failure, renal narrowing, glomerular filtration rate was 22ml/min, blood pressure 190mmHg, fundus arteriosclerosis, diagnosis of hypertensive nephropathy, chronic renal failure (uremia close).

After control, improved, discharged, a month ago again flustered, shortness of breath, wheezing and other symptoms, examination diagnosed as heart failure

Department of heart kidney in a "very good explanation of the case. Chronic renal failure induced by sodium excretion decreased in sodium, water retention, and thus increase cardiac preload, afterload and increased blood pressure of the heart; in addition, chronic renal failure can cause renal hypertension, is more difficult to control than primary hypertension.

Two cases of hypertensive nephropathy

Before and after being attacked, coupled with the direct toxicity of blood creatinine, the heart does not occur failure only strange. Therefore, in the treatment of renal failure on the road, the control of essential hypertension, but also to prevent and control heart failure

It's a cliche to say that, doctor, remind you:

1, for the unprovoked fracture, anemia, etc., must not be ignored, to check the renal function

Two cases of hypertensive nephropathy

2, control blood pressure standard, otherwise it will lead to a series of problems of cardio cerebro renal complications, control blood pressure, control blood pressure, control blood pressure, important thing to say three times!