How can hypertensive nephrosis be treated by stages?

Kidney disease experts recommend that hypertensive nephropathy is caused by primary hypertension, benign arteriolar sclerosis and malignant arteriolar sclerosis. In general, 40-50 year old middle-aged and elderly prone. Clinically, hypertension and nephritis can be pided into five periods, and the treatment difficulty and prognosis are very different at different stages.

How can hypertensive nephrosis be treated by stages?

The one or two stage is microalbuminuria and clinical proteinuria: kidney function is normal, urine protein loss is mild, can be given non drug treatment according to the patient's condition, so that blood pressure is effectively controlled. Prevent, stabilize or delay the damage of hypertension to renal function. The treatment mainly depends on controlling blood pressure, which is easy to treat.

The three or four stage is renal dysfunction: stage treatment is relatively difficult, but after proper and effective treatment, it can still control the disease and prolong life. The essence of traditional Chinese medicine is to induce and repair cells by special Chinese medicine, so as to repair atrophic kidney tissue under mobilization, migration, homing, differentiation or proliferation.

The five stage is uremia: when western medicine is used, dialysis treatment should be adopted at this time. Because kidney damage is serious, there will be other complications, the overall situation is very poor, Chinese medicine treatment also has greater difficulties, generally can only be controlled as far as possible. Therefore, kidney experts advise patients, for nephropathy must be early detection, early treatment, as far as possible to avoid delays, resulting in serious consequences.

Looking at the stages of hypertensive nephropathy, we know where we are. Different stages should be treated differently so as to get the best treatment effect. The above is the stage of hypertensive nephropathy, we should pay attention to their condition, in different periods to adopt different treatment methods.