Hypertensive nephropathy should pay attention to what the diet

Hypertensive nephropathy should pay attention to what the diet, which refers to the concern of patients with hypertensive nephropathy, we all know that healthy and healthy diet will help our kidney repair a great help, bad diet will increase our The disease, at the dinner table, to eat more potassium foods, eat high-quality protein, and high vitamin foods, eat less salt, soup, quit smoking less wine. Kidney disease experts in detail the "three more than four small", points out in the following:

1, eat sweets

Sweet foods contain high sugar, can be converted into fat in the body, easy to promote atherosclerosis.

2, less salt diet

Diet should be light is appropriate, eat less salty, eat too much salt, will harden the blood vessels and blood pressure. The World Health Organization stipulates that the daily intake of salt per person is less than 6 grams. For patients with hypertension, simple salt can make blood pressure returned to normal; moderate and severe hypertensive patients, limiting salt can not only improve the efficacy of antihypertensive drugs, but also reduce the dose of antihypertensive drugs, thereby greatly reducing the antihypertensive drugs Side effects and drug costs.

3, eat less animal fat

Animals with high cholesterol levels can accelerate arteriosclerosis. Such as liver, kidney, brain, heart should eat less.

4, quit smoking less wine

There are alcohol and alcohol addiction in patients with high blood pressure, alcohol and tobacco will be too much heart, brain, kidney damage.

5, should eat more potassium foods (Note: for the crowd is normal renal function)

Potassium in the body can buffer the role of sodium. Food: soybeans, apples, pears, kiwi, persimmon, pineapple, walnut, watermelon and so on.

6, should eat with high quality protein and vitamin food

Such as fish, milk, lean meat, eggs, beans and soy products.

Hypertensive nephropathy should pay attention to what the diet