Treatment errors of hypertensive nephropathy

Do not know what time we have been accustomed to such a life style now, especially some diseases appear, always let some people do not know how to face, especially for the treatment of the disease, in this area must have a lot of friends do not know its treatment errors. For now the emergence of hypertensive nephropathy, many friends are not so clear, what is the treatment of misunderstanding, so here is to talk about the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding one, with high blood pressure but don’t have any discomfort can not take medicine. Some people have chronic hypertension, the body has begun to adapt, there is no feeling, but this does not mean no harm. Therefore, can not rely on feelings, must rely on objective basis, even if there is no uncomfortable feeling, when taking the medicine or to take medicine on time.

Misunderstanding two, one drug effect is not good, so think that all drugs are ineffective, and gave up treatment, may be you not to use it properly, and then try to coordinate the doctor, to see what the problem, which a link is not good, we have several drugs with the use to try, don't give up.

Misunderstanding three, blood pressure now is controlled, can stop the drug, you know, control of blood pressure is good, because in the relationship between medication, once the withdrawal, blood pressure will rise. Some people stop taking drugs and don't measure their blood pressure. In fact, blood pressure has crept up while the patient is not taking the medicine. Especially with long acting drugs, stop for one or two days, has not been completely metabolized, but also play a part of the role, but after that, blood pressure will quietly rise, causing harm to the body. Therefore, as long as there is no hypotension reaction, or need to adhere to the medication program.

Misunderstanding four, when the blood pressure is high and low, is not always high, do not need treatment, high blood pressure is not necessarily high blood pressure 24 hours, fluctuation of blood pressure is also harmful to the body, this time also need treatment. Of course, treatment does not necessarily require drugs. Early life can be controlled by lifestyle, such as exercise therapy and diet therapy.

The above content is a detailed description of the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, hope that these can help everyone, but also hope that we can find these problems in time, timely detection of disease, timely treatment. Now no matter what disease at our side, we all need to pay attention to, especially when the disease occurs, we will be thinking about how to treat, how to let your body recover as soon as possible. If you still need to know something about kidney disease, you can consult our online expert, and our experts will give you a reply in time.