What are the typical symptoms of iga kidney disease?

If you do not pay attention to their own health, then sick is inevitable. So the face of IgA nephropathy, we must give attention. This disease is extremely harmful, we must know the symptoms of the disease, so that it can be early in the disease on the timely detection and treatment, physical health can get a good guarantee. So what are the typical symptoms of IgA nephropathy?

What are the typical symptoms of iga kidney disease?

Typical symptoms of IgA nephropathy:

Hematuria is abnormal erythrocyte excretion in urine. Hematuria can be pided into two kinds of gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. The definition of naked eye hematuria refers to the naked eye was seen in the blood samples or meat or blood clots with blood clots; the vast majority of IgA nephropathy will occur nausea hematuria, if ignored symptoms, IgA nephropathy will intensify.

Proteinuria is a typical symptom of IgA nephropathy, the formation of proteinuria and glomerular barrier function has a close relationship. IgA nephropathy will be mild proteinuria, and nephrotic syndrome patients will be a lot of proteinuria. Directly due to IgA nephropathy caused by hypertension called renal hypertension, accounting for about 5 to 10% of adult hypertension, secondary hypertension is the main component. IgA nephropathy in patients with hypertension symptoms, to timely treatment.

Rapid onset of nephritis, the incidence of patients with heart and brain health will be affected, while the patient's renal function in the short term will worsen, renal biopsy has a wide (50% -100%) glomerular crescent form The Severe hematuria may be due to hemoglobin on renal tubular toxicity and blocking renal tubular acute tubular necrosis.

In the course of the disease IgA nephropathy patients usually appear unbearable abdominal pain disorder, which is often the performance of systemic vasculitis. In addition, electron microscopy showed intestinal submucosal artery injury was fibrin-like necrosis, IgA, C3 and fibrin deposition to support IgA gastrointestinal tract also suffered damage. Low back pain with urinary retention or temporary oliguria may be caused by a small blood clot in the urinary tract caused by temporary obstruction.