Can IgA nephropathy go into remission

IgA nephropathy repeatedly often, causing more serious damage to itself, then IgA nephropathy can release? How does IgA nephrosis patient care themself?Can IgA nephropathy go into remission

First,Let’s talk about from the diet of patients with IgA nephropathy. Because the kidney function of IgA nephropathy patients is impaired and their working ability in the body is affected, IgA nephropathy patients should start with protein content, salt content, potassium and phosphorus content in the diet. Eat less high protein food, this is to reduce proteinuria; eat less salt high food, this is to alleviate edema; eat less potassium and phosphorus content of the food, to avoid causing heart failure, but less eat not mean no eat, according to the doctor's patients can choose some good containing protein food. The amount of salt, potassium, and phosphorus should also be ordered by the doctor.

Two, patients should have plenty of rest. Because the patient's constitution is relatively weak, so in life to ensure adequate rest time, so that it is conducive to patient recovery. Sleep environmentas quietly as possible. Can do your job properly, but you can't do heavy physical labor.

Three, maintain a certain amount of exercise and drinking water. If the patient is relatively stable, you can do proper exercise, but not too tired. Usually have a stable water quantity (by the doctor according to the circumstances), do not hold back.

Four, pay attention to the treatment of some basic diseases. For example: colds, urinary tract infections, respiratory diseases, urinary system diseases.

Five, medication should be reasonable, do not eat some drugs containing kidney toxicity. Take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Six, regular inspection, so that we can timely understand the IgA nephropathy case and the first time for treatment.

We hope to be able to bring some good help to you, for the harm of IgA nephropathy, believe that patients are deep understand, so we want to avoid more harm, must do good treatment and effective nursing synchronization it, so that it can as soon as possible to get rid of diseases, alleviate IgA nephropathy then, faster recovery.