Is the mortality rate of fetuses with IgA nephropathy high?

Is the mortality rate of fetuses with IgA nephropathy high?Is the mortality rate of IgA nephropathy high? Is it possible for women with IgA nephropathy to become pregnant? Is pregnancy aggravating kidney disease? These problems often plague women who are not yet born. So, does IgA nephropathy have a high fetal mortality rate?

Kidney treatment experts say, in fact, under the guidance of a kidney doctor,blood pressure is normal, normal renal function of female patients with kidney disease, pregnancy success rate of more than 95%. This shows that some women with kidney disease still have the opportunity to have a baby of their own.

Is the risk of fetal death in IgA nephropathy high? Kidney treatment experts say women with kidney disease are not pregnant if they are present:

Nephrotic syndrome, due to low plasma albumin levels, often results in fetal growth retardation and premature birth.

IgA nephropathy has a high fetal death rate. There is a high incidence of fetal growth retardation and preterm birth in patients with moderate renal dysfunction, and progressive deterioration of renal function in pregnant women.

Secondary kidney disease, such as lupus nephritis, after pregnancy can induce or aggravate kidney disease, it should be very careful. Also, such as diabetic nephropathy, pregnancy prone to pre eclampsia, premature birth, fetal malformation, macrosomia and fetal respiratory distress syndrome, etc., should not be pregnant.