What factors lead to the occurrence of IgA nephropathy

Leading to IgA nephropathy occurred in the following main reasons:

What factors lead to the occurrence of IgA nephropathy

1, the relationship with the immune system: IgA nephropathy is mainly multimeric, IgA deposition in the glomerulus, indicating that the IgA immune system led to PIgA molecules in the circulatory system and glomerular mesangial deposition.

2, infection: cold, tonsillitis, fever and other symptoms of the naked eye or urinary occult, infectious factors recurrent, leading to IgA nephropathy.

3, and the relationship between cytokines: IgA nephropathy in patients with mesangial deposition of IgA1 induced mesangial cell secretion of inflammatory factors.

4, the relationship with the bone marrow: glomerular mesangial deposition of IgA1, and exists in the blood IgA1 similar hinge glycosylation abnormalities, suggesting that patients with IgA nephropathy deposition in the glomerular mesangial area of ??IgA for bone marrow IgA.

5, genetic: IgA nephropathy in patients with the incidence of investigation, some IGA nephropathy patients will occur family aggregation phenomenon, indicating that IgA nephropathy to a certain extent, genetic predisposition.

6, immune complex: IgA nephropathy in patients with glomerular mesangial areas of a large number of immune complex material, the combination of the two can lead to the formation of phenotype of renal cells caused by the occurrence of disease.

7, inflammatory response: the patient's renal glomerular mesangial cells by inflammatory damage to stimulate the inflammatory factors, resulting in a large number of immune complexes in the patient's kidney, and eventually lead to disease.

IgA nephropathy This disease is directly related to the patient's kidney health, the need for active treatment of patients, so as soon as possible to help the kidneys extract, as soon as possible to restore a healthy body. In addition, to do preventive work, we can also start from the kidney maintenance.