IgA kidney disease will cause harm to patients?

Do not look down on any disease, some unusual diseases tend to give patients a great impact and harm. IgA nephropathy is a disease that is more harmful, the hidden dangers of patients is very large, the need for active treatment of patients. For those who do not understand the disease, because of the harm to the disease and not much to ignore the treatment of disease, then, IgA kidney disease will cause harm to patients?

IgA kidney disease will cause harm to patients?

1, hematuria: can be expressed as a transient or recurrent microscopic or gross hematuria, is the most common early symptoms, often accompanied by upper respiratory tract infection, a few associated with gastrointestinal or urinary tract infections, each lasting several hours To a few days. This type accounts for about 20% of the disease, more common in children.

2, proteinuria: IgA nephropathy in patients with mild proteinuria, 24-hour urine protein quantification <1g. Often accompanied by microscopic or gross hematuria. A small number of patients (10% to 24%) a large number of proteinuria, without hypoproteinemia.

3, nephrotic syndrome: about 7% to 16% of patients with nephrotic syndrome, common in children and adolescents. Manifested as a typical three high and one low: a high degree of edema, a large number of proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, hyperlipidemia.

4, high blood pressure: occur in older age, the incidence of hypertension in children is only 5%. Most of these patients with rapid deterioration of renal function, is a sign of deterioration of the disease.

5, renal dysfunction: can be expressed as acute or chronic renal failure. Adult chronic renal failure is much more common than children, mostly in the diagnosis of 10 to 20 years later. To acute renal failure for the performance of IgA nephropathy is rare.

6, rapid nephritis syndrome is not common. : Patients with persistent macroscopic hematuria, a large number of proteinuria. Renal function in a short period of time worsening, may have edema and mild to moderate hypertension.

IgA nephropathy on the human kidney function is great, the patient should be early detection and timely treatment. Because the role of the kidneys in the health of the human body is very large, we can not ignore the health of the kidney, then the treatment of IgA nephropathy, it is necessary to actively up, so as to be able to lift the disease as soon as possible The