What are the symptoms of IgA nephropathy in children?

IgA nephropathy is a disease that now many people do not understand, IgA nephropathy brings great harm to the normal life of the patients, especially for patients with IgA nephropathy in children, damage is very deep, people should understand a lot of knowledge of IgA nephropathy, prevention of disease, so that children IgA nephropathy appear what symptom?

What are the symptoms of IgA nephropathy in children?

In clinic, the symptoms of children with IgA nephropathy are perse, and hematuria is the most common.

From microscopic hematuria to nephrotic syndrome, it can be manifested at the onset of disease, and can vary with each other in the course of the disease.

In general, 80% of children IgA nephropathy with hematuria as the first symptom, occurrence rate is higher than the North American and European Asia, often and upper respiratory tract infection, upper respiratory tract infection and the interval time is short (24 ~ 72h), even children hours after hematuria, and have swollen tonsils, but in tonsillectomy after most of the children hematuria to stop attacks.

Some patients showed hematuria and proteinuria, hematuria at both paroxysmal hematuria, also for hematuria, proteinuria was mild to moderate with nephrotic syndrome of IgA nephropathy were about 15% ~ 30% before the onset, there is often little complicated with respiratory tract infection, so there are some cases showed nephritis syndrome.

In addition to the above hematuria symptoms, children with IgA nephropathy symptoms, as well as high blood pressure, renal dysfunction. Hypertension is easy to occur in older people, adult accounted for 20%, children accounted for only 5%. Hypertension is an important sign of IgA nephropathy progression, the rapid deterioration of renal function in most patients, less than 5% IgA nephropathy patients showed rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis.

The above is for children IgA nephropathy, IgA nephropathy serious harm children's health effects in children with normal life and learning, parents must understand a lot of children IgA nephropathy symptoms, if discover disease symptoms in children, must be timely to the regular hospital for treatment.