What are the dietary taboos of IgA nephritis patients

Many patients with IgA nephritis are unable to treat the treatment. But experts say that treating Iga nephritis involves both treatment and care. So, do you know the dietary taboos of IgA nephritis patients? Here, experts describe the dietary taboos of some patients with IgA nephritis.

What are the dietary taboos of IgA nephritis patients

1. Instant noodles:

Many people prefer instant noodles for convenience or time. I don't know how bad the preservatives are in people's health.

2. Sunflower seeds:

It contains unsaturated fatty acids, which can easily affect a patient's liver function, which in turn can accelerate liver damage and make people fat.

3. Spinach:

Experts say people over 40 should not eat the vegetables. Because it contains rich oxalic acid, meeting with the zinc of human body, calcium, cause human body calcium, zinc is absent.

4. Preserved egg

The food is made with a lot of lead. Long-term consumption, which can lead to lead poisoning, it can be very harmful to people's health.

5. Kimchi:

Kimchi also contains cancer-causing substances, suggesting that you eat less in your life.

6. Oil bar:

You all know that the oil bar contains aluminum. This metal element can be harmful to our kidneys. It's also likely to affect brain cells' development and function, which can lead to memory loss and, in severe cases, alzheimer's disease.

These are the dietary taboos of the nephridae in the case of IgA nephritis. I hope that IgA nephritis patients will be strict in their lives for their kidney health and stay away from the unhealthy diet mentioned above. Do not eat the above six foods for a while which damage your kidneys.