Iga nephropathy run in families need to pay attention to what?

Family Iga kidney disease precautions

 IGA nephropathy is a common primary glomerular disease in clinical. Once suffering from this disease, the patient will appear repeated fatal nonsense hematuria or microscopic hematuria, there may be different degree of proteinuria. Then suffering from familial Iga kidney disease, What do patients need to pay attention to? Next let’s take a look at the following.

Iga nephropathy run in families need to pay attention to what?

1, Proper rest

First, patients with IGA nephropathy must take appropriate rest. As long as the disease returned to a stable stage, the patient also need to take right amount of exercise. So as to be able to strengthen their own immunity, you can also increase the ability to resist the virus, but also to avoid the cold, will lead to the risk of infection reduced to at least. If the patient appears in all aspects of anti-infection situation, you must use strong antibiotics to control signs of infection in patients.

2, Diet

Second, patients also need pay more attention to diet. For patients with IGA nephropathy, the diet must be light, you can also eat some food containing high quality protein properly, but also need to eat some fresh water and vegetables. At the same time, the patient can not eat too greasy and spicy food, such as pepper, fat meat and pepper powder and other condiments should not eat, pickled food made at home should also not eat. In addition, the patient must quit smoking and quit smoking, to avoid exacerbations.


After read this article, patients can combine their own condition and treatment to make a judgment. If you still have any questions, or there are other patients with similar kidney disease conditions around you, we suggest that you can submit a case of patient data, so that the site experts can give you guidance and detailed analysis of specific conditions.