How to treat proteinuria with iga kidney disease

Proteinuria is the manifestation symptoms of kidney disease, many kidney disease are likely to occur proteinuria, so be sure to actively treat proteinuria, there are many patients with proteinuria  do not know how to treat, let’s look at it.

1, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of urinary protein. The traditional Chinese medicine active ingredients directly into the damaged glomeruli, renal tubules, to repair it, increase glomerular protein filtration ability, improve renal tubular reabsorption protein ability.

2, immunosuppressive therapy of urinary protein. As the effective active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of urinary protein requires a process, so iga nephropathy in the initial stage of treatment still need immunosuppressive drugs to cooperate to ensure that the protein was lowered in the near future, so that Chinese medicine to seize this opportunity, Damaged kidney repair.

3, if necessary, combined with hormone therapy for urinary protein. Patients treated with western medicine for iga kidney disease urinary protein know that some patients still want to use hormones in the initial stage of treatment of urinary protein due to price and other reasons. The reason is the same with the use of immunosuppressive agents, are in order to stabilize the protein in the short term, to repair the kidney to provide a more comfortable time.

After the introduction above i hope that you can understand that after a certain period of time after treatment, when the kidney tissue is the active substance of traditional Chinese medicine repair, glomerular filtration protein and renal tubular reabsorption of protein will rise, gradually restored, proteinuria will Gradually decline, and finally negative.

iga nephropathy in patients with proteinuria with the treatment include:

1, the patient in the diet to ensure high quality low protein intake, should not eat salty food, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys, the protein filtration capacity to further decline;

2, to prevent colds, in order to minimize the probability of induced urinary protein repeated;

3, should not be overworked, to maintain the amount of activity;

4, in strict accordance with the doctor's advice to pay attention to every little detail in life.

The above is about how to treat proteinuria with iga kidney disease 

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How to treat proteinuria with iga kidney disease