Elderly autumn remember to pay attention to low blood pressu

Elderly autumn remember to pay attention to low blood pressure, has been an accident!
A more than and 60 year old man at home feeling fatigue thought is common to overwork, resting for a few days did not improve, but uncomfortable symptoms of chest tightness, before the family was sent to Foshan city hospital emergency department. Results less than an hour after the hospital, the relevant test results have not come out, the elderly on the condition of the mutation, rescue invalid death. Foshan city hospital emergency department doctor Liu Shaohui introduced the cause of the death of the elderly is hypokalemia, a year early autumn season is the high incidence of hypokalemia in recent days, one after another from several emergency department patients, especially the elderly can not ignore the problem of low potassium.
According to reports, the sixtieth old one was sent to the hospital, emergency physicians have a preliminary diagnosis of hypokalemia, immediately to potassium drug infusion, and close observation, but still can't save his life.
Dr. Liu Shaohui explained that potassium is an essential inorganic salt ions, with a variety of physiological functions. The concentration of potassium ion in the blood is related to neuromuscular stress. If the potassium concentration is too low, it will cause a significant reduction in neuromuscular stress, cause myasthenia gravis and even hypokalemic paralysis and other severe clinical manifestations. The serum potassium of normal people is not less than 3.5mmol/l, serum potassium fell below 2mmol/l has serious situation, like the elderly, test results showed that the serum potassium has been as low as 1.3mmol/l, has been greatly lower than normal, resulting in myocardial contractility is seriously weakened, leading to ventricular fibrillation and sudden death." Dr. Liu Shaohui still said regretfully.
The elderly should pay attention to dietary potassium supplement
Dr. Liu Shaohui introduced, under normal eating conditions, adult healthy people rarely lack of potassium. But if the loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and malabsorption, long-term or high-dose diuretics, or hyperthyroidism, severe trauma, gastrointestinal fistula and other diseases, it is easy to cause low potassium occurrence. The elderly due to poor teeth, monotonous diet, coupled with intestinal digestion and absorption function, affecting appetite, leading to insufficient intake of potassium. At the same time, the prevalence rate of hypertension, diabetes and other cardiovascular disease in the elderly and high, used in the treatment process of thiazide diuretics and hypoglycemic drugs will cause potassium excretion and increase consumption, making the elderly easier than any other age group had low potassium problem.
Therefore, the elderly need to attach great importance to possible problems of low potassium, strengthen prevention and control links." Dr. Liu Shaohui believes that, first of all, the elderly should pay great attention to dietary potassium supplement, appropriate increase in potassium containing food intake. Potassium containing food is more suitable for the elderly such as egg yolk, liver, lean meat, seafood, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit, especially bananas, grapes, potassium content of citrus, mango, watermelon, peach, apricot, pineapple and cherry fruit is rich, low price, wide source, and it is easy to absorb the use of the body, the elderly can according to their own favorite and specific circumstances, as far as possible every day to use, to increase the sources of potassium in potassium deficiency, improve and rectify hidden problems.
Secondly, the elderly should pay attention to the monitoring of blood potassium in the physical examination, if the blood potassium has been low, should be under the guidance of a doctor through food or medicine supplement potassium, in order to prevent serious hypokalemia harm.