What causes kidney stones?

The incidence of nephrolithiasis was increased, the average of every 20 people, one may suffer from kidney stones, kidney stones are very serious, we need to seriously, especially those living habits especially bad people, here is easy to cause kidney stones bad habits.

What causes kidney stones?

No breakfast

Nowadays, many white-collar workers often keep their bodies at the expense of breakfast in order to adapt themselves to the fast pace of life. But I do not know, after a night of sleep, the body needs to replenish, breakfast all day long storage energy 30% energy, do not eat breakfast, will lead to long-term bile siltation in the gallbladder and intestine, and affect the secretion of gastric acid and bile, which induce gastritis, gallbladder and kidney stones.

Lack of water and exercise

Modern female white-collar workers often suffer much more competitive pressure than men, and often do not feel thirsty before they drink water. Generally speaking, women are less athletic than men. These two factors superimposed, and then encountered hot summer, the body water evaporation faster, less urine, urine crystallization deposition, kidney stones easily formed.

Irregular diet

Many white-collar women diet is often irregular. Eat whatever you get after lunch. Sometimes I just eat chocolate and wait for my stomach. As everyone knows, the imbalance of nutrient intake is easy to make the kidney and urine calcium, oxalic acid, uric acid components generally increased, and if not promptly excreted, it is easy to form kidney stones.

Excessive night life

The modern white-collar women are usually more frequent nightlife, often at night after work and customers have a variety of entertainment, when no entertainment will go clubbing or Cara OK about colleagues, friends, and excessive drinking coffee, alcohol can also cause kidney stones.

Negative emotion

Modern young white-collar women in the face of "fashion life" all kinds of temptation, will produce emotional instability, while women will easily always melancholy and moody character, enlarge the emotion such as depressed mood in the long term, the body's immune system will be affected, cause kidney stones.