What exercise contributes to discharging renal stones?

People say that life lies in movement, but for many patients, exercise is exquisite, so do kidney stone patients need movement?

Patients with kidney stones need moderate exercise. In the course of treatment, proper movement can promote the absorption of drugs and the discharge of stones, but they can not do too much exercise.

What exercise contributes to discharging renal stones?

Experts say that doing more physical and jumping exercises is good for the discharge of kidney stones. These exercises include skipping rope, running, going up and down stairs, high jump and long jump. If you can maintain a certain amount of exercise every day, kidney stones can be better treated. Kidney stones in different parts should take different sports, you can consult a specific expert.

Of course, patients with kidney stones should also be careful not exercise too much. Excessive and plenty of exercise will increase the burden of kidney, will cause hematuria and proteinuria after exercise, does a certain degree of damage to the kidney; moreover, strenuous exercise can also induce renal colic, increase the patient's pain, is not conducive to the rehabilitation of kidney stones.

It is suggest that kidney stone patients before taking the exercise should consult their doctor, according to the doctor's instructions to take exercise, help to discharge stones, do not carry out actions privately, so as not to induce adverse effects on the condition.

The common methods of removing stones in kidney stones patients are introduced. In addition, we can also treat renal calculi by laser. In conclusion, kidney stones should be treated as early as possible so as not to worsen the condition and cause serious health problems.