Patients with kidney stones drink soda and freshly squeezed juice

Patients with kidney stones should pay attention to drink plenty of water, much micturition, ensure drinking 1500-2000 ml water per day, especially drinking some soda water, can greatly reduce the incidence of stones, because it is easily form uric acid stones with high uric acid, while the ordinary soda water pH value is 7.5-9.0, weakly alkaline, after taking it can effectively prevent high uric acid.

Patients with kidney stones drink soda and freshly squeezed juice

Patients can go to the supermarket to buy soda water, or prepare homemade soda water at home, that is, in ordinary drinking water (better purified water), add soda flakes (0.5 grams per piece, add 1-2 tablets in 500 ml water).

Note: uric acid calculi patients, should eat less meat, goose meat, animal offal, sardines which contain high purine; eat more alkaline vegetables and fruits such as pineapple, apple, carrot and soybean. Patients with calcium oxalate stones, should eat less or none food containing oxalic acid (such as spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, Black Tea and chocolate) and high calcium food, take proper exercise (such as running, jumping, etc.) try not to hold back urine, it is best not to drink mineral water.

Fresh fruit juice is nutritious, delicious and convenient. It also mixes several different fruits and vegetables, and absorbs a lot of nutrients at one time. But when you squeeze juice at home, there is always a thick layer of foam on top of the juice. Many people think the foam is bad and affects the appearance, so they skim the foam then drink it. In fact, the layer of foam on fresh juice is particularly rich with nutrition, must not be abandoned.

The layer of foam on freshly squeezed fruit juice contains very rich enzymes. Medical research has proved that enzymes are very helpful to the human body. They have the functions of balancing the body environment, anti inflammation, antibacterial, purifying blood, enhancing immunity and cell regeneration. Therefore, enzymes are important for resistance to diseases, anti-aging and beauty. Because the enzyme is very sensitive, it will lose its activity before longer, for example, if the apple is cut open for a period of time, it will turn black, which is the result of the oxidation of the enzyme. Therefore, freshly squeezed juice at home must be taken immediately after squeezed; drink the foam as soon as possible, and the shorter the time, the stronger the enzyme activity can be retained. In addition, the enzyme is also very sensitive to temperature, therefore, it is not recommended to heated drink juice, and if you can not stand too cold temperature, you can warm the juice, it is best to be kept within 56 degrees.