Drink a glass of orange juice every day can remove kidney stone

Many patients with kidney stones will ask: what food is best to kidney stones? According to a new study found that daily drink Orange Juice can prevent the recurrence of kidney stones, the effect should be better than other citrus juice.

Drink a glass of orange juice every day can remove kidney stone

Many people believe that all citrus juices can prevent the formation of kidney stones, but the results suggest that not all citrus juices can provide the same protective effect for people with the risk of the disease.

The orange main characteristics: tree and tree characteristics similar to Xinhui orange; fruit oblong or oval, smaller.

Many scientific studies have confirmed that orange is an excellent fruit anti aging skin, in addition the orange contains cistruspectin flavonoids ingredients, and a rich variety of natural fruit in "phytochemical", the effect be nothing difficult against free radicals, so eat fruit can not only anti-cancer anti-aging, can maintain the skin.

When urine minerals and other chemical components will lead to excessive concentration of kidney stones, after a period of time, these crystals will be combined into stone; people have probability of recurrence of kidney stones is very high, in order to form a new slow stones, doctors usually advise patients to change the diet and lifestyle.

Research shows that the formation of potassium citrate supplements can reduce kidney stones, but some people because of gastrointestinal side effects and can not tolerate such supplements; for these people, containing natural citric acid salt composition of citrus juice can be used as a substitute supplement. Citrate helps prevent kidney stones by allowing more citrate in the urine and lower uric acid.