Kidney stone patient should drink more soda water

Urinary calculi are common diseases of the urinary system, including kidney stones, ureteral calculi, urethral calculi, and bladder stones. Kidney stones are chemicals made up of calcium oxalate, which can cause kidney colic. For the moment, doctors recommend reducing dietary calcium intake to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones.

Kidney stone patient should drink more soda water

Kidney stone patient should drink more soda water 

Patients with kidney stones in the summer must pay attention to drink plenty of water, and produce more urination, to ensure that more than 1500 milliliters of water per day, especially drinking soda water, can greatly reduce the incidence of stones. Because uric acid is too high, it is easy to form uric acid stone, and common soda water pH value is 7.5 - 9, alkalescent, after drinking, can prevent uric acid inside body effectively exorbitant. In ordinary drinking water with soda can also play the same effect, but not too much, alkaline is too high, but the formation of other stones.

Have uric acid stones, animal offal, goose, sardines should eat less, eat more alkaline vegetables and fruits such as pineapple, apple, carrot and soybean. Drink plenty of water, try not to hold back, drink more urine helps bacteria, carcinogenic substances and substances rapidly excreted, reducing calculus of kidney and bladder injury chance, it is best not to drink mineral containing high mineral water. Male friends should pay attention to regular physical examination, timely find the stone disease, don't wait to check the dysuria and hematuria.

Adjusting diet structure to prevent kidney stone

Uric acid stones should be treated with a low purine diet and a low methionine diet should be adopted. Fruits and vegetables can turn urine into alkaline, which is good for uric acid and cystine stones. Meat foods make urine acidic and prevent infection of stones.

For calcium phosphate stones, adopt low calcium and low phosphorus diet, calcium containing kidney stones should be avoided with high calcium, high salt, high oxalic acid, high animal protein, high animal fat and high sugar diet.

The high fiber diet, generally in patients with kidney stones of the patient is best to eat less salt and animal protein, to maintain a large number of drinking water, urine volume in 2000~3000 ml / day, not only to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones, but also ensure the calcium intake, are good for other aspects of the body.