What are the early signs of kidney stones?

Kidney stone is the common disease of the urinary system, and the incidence of the disease is more frequent. The incidence of male is more than that of female, and the incidence of kidney disease is mostly in young adults. There is no obvious difference between the incidence of the disease in the left and the right side. So, what are the early symptoms of kidney stones?

What are the early signs of kidney stones?

Infection symptoms

Appear pyuria with infection, acute attack may have chills, fever, lumbago, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria symptoms.


Most of them were renal calculi, and they were found to be negative or with small amounts of red or white cells.

Renal insufficiency

Obstruction of one side of the renal stone caused by renal dysfunction can lead to hydronephrosis and progressive renal failure. Bilateral kidney stones or solitary kidney stones cause obstruction and can develop into uremia.

Stone expulsion history

In the event of pain and hematuria, there may be sand or small stones that discharge with urine. When the flow of urine stones through the urethra and urethral blockage sense tingling, gallstones after urine flow immediately restore patency, patients easily comfortable.

Renal colic

Often smaller stones, microscopic or gross hematuria, kidney area percussion pain is obvious. When the attack of pain, the patient pale, cold sweat, pulse fast, weak, and even blood pressure drops, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and abdominal distension and other gastrointestinal symptoms.