Coriander washing kidneys in patients with kidney failure

I believe we must know the importance of the kidney, the kidney is the main organ, if our kidney problems, not only easy to affect our excretion but also affect our health, so we suggest that the majority of readers friends pay attention to protect their kidneys in daily life in some of my friends have heard of coriander can be used to wash the kidney, below we introduce coriander wash the kidney.

Coriander washing kidneys in patients with kidney failure

Secret recipe for kidney cleaning:

Only the coriander, can try at home. You can clean your kidneys do not spend much money. After many years, our kidneys are filtering the blood "out of salt" poison and any unwanted substances into our body. With time, the salt accumulates, it will need to be cleaned and what can we do? Very easy, first of all, a coriander washed, cut into small pieces, boiled with water for 10 minutes, cooled and filtered into a clean bottle and stored in the refrigerator. A daily drink, will you kidney all salt and other accumulated toxins discharged after urination, and will never have found such a big difference.

Expert point of view:

So far, the "row nephrotoxic coriander" argument, no medicine on this basis and literature. There are many kinds of kidney disease, nephropathy of different treatment methods are also different, such as the treatment of nephrotic syndrome do not need detoxification. The treatment of nephrotic syndrome with diuretic swelling. The treatment of chronic renal failure and in external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is mainly Chinese medicine enema and colon dialysis, to fill in from the rectum, play a detoxification role. More stress in patients with chronic renal failure in the diet, food containing potassium is too high and color darker fruits, vegetables and eat less, in addition to taste (astringent persimmon, carambola etc.) and hard food (Walnut) to eat less. Light based diet, try to eat white color food (such as meat, chicken, fish, etc.). Patients with chronic renal failure to warm cold, prevent infection. Prevention of infection is vital for patients with chronic renal failure, Because once the infection will increase the burden on the kidneys, prone to relapse or aggravation. In medicine, in order to avoid the use of drugs for renal toxicity. Should pay attention to rest and exercise, improve their immune system. It helps to enhance the immune system consolidation and the recovery of the disease.

Chinese medicine, Radix Astragali, rhubarb and so on row nephrotoxic to play a certain role. With the method of traditional Chinese medicine detoxification method perspiration also has, but the effect is not very obvious, because the heart and lung function in patients with nephropathy, generally difficult to tolerate diaphoresis. Chinese medicine believes that the birth of the kidney, spleen for the day after tomorrow. In the training of the solid element, promote righteousness on the basis of Xiezhuo detoxification effect will be better.